Element Light, possibly with Ice, Fire, or Energy.
Lifespan ~800 years.
Diet Unknown
Strength 4/5
Agility 3/5
Intellect 4/5
Magic 5/5

Habitat: Angels live in the skies above the Saldeclan Mountains-- in Hauteflamme, Highpoint, a few parts of Icesog, and in Glacelieu Cave Region, and can be seen at night as moving white stars.

Social Structure: They don't have a settlement or a united culture, but they do communicate with each other telepathically. All seem to be equals among them.

Reproduction: New angels come into existence when a human or monster performs a major action that helps others, often at the cost of the acting person's life or livelihood.

Appearance: The angels are, in their true form, white light that's vaguely person-shaped. They can take on human forms, typically of the young or old, in order to protect those in need. They shed their wings whenever they shift forms, and the shed wings can be used to summon one to fly to the person's current home-- regardless of distance.

Magic Use: Angels naturally have an affinity for changing their forms with a minor ritual, and full mastery of all known light magicks. When they possess a second element, they are also proficient with it.

Their flight is powered entirely by magic, rather than their wings, which seem to serve no purpose but to be shed.

Elemental Differences: All angels have the Light elemement. Some may have Ice or Fire in addition, and often may be a different color because of this difference.

Additional: Angels and demons both formed during a confrontation between two men (or so the old stories say). One man was selfish, and one was generous, and they were fighting over who the food during a famine would go to-- one said to himself, and one said to the less fortunate.

The two killed each other in the duel, and their bodies were picked clean by onlookers, who were then slaughtered by monsters that sprang from the cruel man's blood.

Almost too late, the generous man's blood spawned the angels, who protected those they could from the demons, and both fled in combat to the mountains, until the demons inhabited the caves there, and the angels guarded the people from the distant sky.