Current Events

  • Rumor states the Duke of Fayezhek's son is about to go into the Fairy Forest.
  • Prince Brahm was last seen travelling through the coastal outskirts of Driazhek, one drunk in a bar says.
  • The self-pronounced hero called the Black Peacock has been roving about Saldecla.  One bar wench says she saw the stars under his skin when his glove fell off.
  • Morella has been sleeping with servants who work at her father's fortress.  One guard says "She only does it in the back way, so she's still a virgin."
  • One man from Tradzhek claims that the duke there is planning to turn Tradzhek back into an independent country called Trazzia.
  • Citizens of Driazhek say that their duke is going mad because of the newest law implemented-- that all towns must keep their roads clean.

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