Demon 1 by Dahrinn on Iwaku
Element Always Dark, sometimes with Ice or Fire.
Lifespan ~800 years.
Diet Carnivore
Strength 5/5
Agility 3/5
Intellect 4/5
Magic 5/5

Habitat: Most demons live in caves in the Saldecla Mountains, and often enslave other races to make their homes more livable. Some live near where they spawned, and cause trouble there.

Social Structure: They don't have a settlement or a united culture, but they can communicate with each other telepathically, many hate to do so. There are vast power differences, based on age and the act that created them.

Reproduction: New demons come into existence when a human or monster performs a major action that hurts others for the person's own gain.

Appearance: Demons have many different appearances, because of their vast differences in power and position, but all share some common traits, such as hooved feet (sometimes with goat-like furry legs), massive horns, bare chests, red to black skin, red to black eyes, red to black hair, black claws, and very prominent musculature.

Magic Use: Demons naturally have an affinity for changing their forms Morph magic, and full mastery of all known dark magicks. When they possess a second element, they are also proficient with it.

Their flight is powered entirely by magic, rather than their wings, which seem to serve no purpose but to be shed. A shed demon wing will, when held aloft, cause a person to ignite in dark flames. When thrown, it will bathe the target in the same dark flames. Light magic is less effective on such burns.

Elemental Differences: There are no obvious physical differences between regular demons and those with fire element besides the magical mastery. Ice demons may be slightly blue in color, however.

Additional: Angels and demons both formed during a confrontation between two men (or so the old stories say). One man was selfish, and one was generous, and they were fighting over who the food during a famine would go to-- one said to himself, and one said to the less fortunate.

The two killed each other in the duel, and their bodies were picked clean by onlookers, who were then slaughtered by monsters that sprang from the cruel man's blood.

Almost too late, the generous man's blood spawned the angels, who protected those they could from the demons, and both fled in combat to the mountains, until the demons inhabited the caves there, and the angels guarded the people from the distant sky.