Element Poison, water, fire, electric, dark (corrupted), or light.
Lifespan Unknown years.
Diet Water and nectar.
Strength 2/5
Agility 3/5
Intellect 1.5/5
Magic 5/5

Habitat: Feytout's Fairy Forest.

Social Structure: Fairies have a very loose social structure. They have a queen, but no nobility. The queen's rule is absolute, but most times she gives no instructions.

Reproduction: Traditionally, fairies breed by spawning from flowers. However, they do have sexual parts, and are compatible with humans, though rarely willing because of the size difference. They only willingly breed with the Faepact family from Feytout thanks to a shared contract.

Appearance: Around four feet tall, with skin tone and eyes that perfectly match the hair color, which range wildly based on element. Their bodies are lithe and elongated. They have elongated skulls that end in points, and their eyes are multifaceted and dark. They have translucent wings for decorative purposes, and rarely come in larger varieties.

Magic Use: All fairies are proficient in their element, and able to use it without thought. Only the queen can use ritual magic.

Though they can only wildly fling their magic around, it is very powerful.

Elemental Differences: Fairy colors and magic are based on element. Colors range from purples and dark greens for poison, whites and blues for water, yellow and pale blue for electric, pastels for light, and dark (nearly black) for corrupted fairies, who change to the dark element.

Additional: Fairies are the only light creatures that can be corrupted by dark magic, and only through a specific ritual that creates an object that spreads the wickedness of the caster onto each fairy that touches it.