Element Nil or stone.
Lifespan Unknown.
Diet Cannibalistic (stone).
Strength 4/5
Agility 2/5
Intellect 2/5
Magic 2/5

Habitat: Varies, prefer to live near demons and witches .

Social Structure: Gargoyles lack their own culture, and tend to act as underlings for anyone who can outdo them in combat once their initial creators have died or moved on.

Reproduction: Gargoyles cannot breed traditionally, but can sculpt more of their kind out of stone and convince a witch or demon to give it life.

Appearance: Monstrous humanoids, with claws and teeth and animal faces. Sometimes they have horns. They are always made out of stone, though the type varies. They have enchanted wings that allow them to fly as high upward about six feet, and can hold that altitude for a short time before their heavy body causes too much strain and the magic needs to recharge. Gargoyles are eight to twelve feet tall, and typically have goat-shaped legs..

Magic Use: Gargoyles rarely use magic, but when they do, it is typically to create a small, localized sandstorm.

Elemental Differences: Stone gargoyles can cast magic, while gargoyles with nil element are incapable.

Additional: Gargoyles are created by witches, and follow orders from them, but are also capable of independent thought, unlike a golem. They get along best with demons and witches, and often chase smaller monsters for amusement. They are incapable of speech, though understand many languages.