Map (fancy) v4

A map of Saldecla.

Saldecla is a small, coastal country.  It has multiple geographical zones—dessert, forest, cold marsh, fjords, and islands.  It also has multiple political boundaries—duchies, earldoms, and baronies within the kingdom.

The map (right) includes borders for the country, the duchies, and the earldoms.  Capitals are displayed, as are military locations.  Duchies and regions are linked below.

  1. Icesog
  2. Hauteflamme
  3. Highpoint
  4. Aridefort
  5. Assezfourni
  6. Vraitrasse
  7. Axevrai
  8. Feytout
  9. Glacelieu Cave Region

Each earldom is included in its duchy's page.  Duchies are separated by thicker lines than earldoms.