Element Earth, sometimes paired with other elements at the maker's discretion.
Lifespan Unknown years.
Diet Fed by ritual magic foci.
Strength 5/5
Agility 2/5
Intellect 0.5/5
Magic 2/5

Habitat: Golems live (or exist) across Saldecla, in every duchy, however they are not native creatures, but magical constructs, and not counted as native monsters in any locale.

The highest concentrations are in old ruins in Aridefort, Hauteflamme, and Axevrai.

Social Structure: Golems follow their orders as stated. They are mindless and are non-social unless ordered to do so at creation.

Reproduction: Ritual magic creates golems. Humans have lost the art, but monsters retaine the knowledge and can still making golems when they have the right materials.

Appearance: Bipedal humanoids made of stone, they can be made in a varity of styles, but must have two or more arms, two legs, and a 'heart' that connects (physically or magically) to a feeding foci. They are made from a variety of materials, but the base material must be stone. The additional materials used determine what orders they can be given.

Magic Use: Golems given magic can wrap their arms in it and strike physically with additional force that is aligned with their assigned extra element.

Elemental Differences: Elemental differences are typically depicted with decorations, and may be accompanied by the ability to wrap their arms in magic.

Additional: To defeat a golem, either destroy the ritual magic foci or eliminate its mobility.

Most types have been forcibly mae inactive, and no new ones have been seen in fifty years, but it's rumored that a group of them protects the deepest part of Koldazhek Cave.