Element Always Air, sometimes with Poison.
Lifespan 20-150 years.
Diet Carnivore
Strength 3/5
Agility 4/5
Intellect 1.5/5
Magic 1/5

Habitat: Desert, typically in caves in the southern cliffs.

Social Structure: Harpies live in large colonies of 100 or more individuals. There are three such colonies in Saldecla, with two of them far enough out from human lands to not cause many troubles. Harpies are very stupid and very violent, but are also highly social, though they do not have individual friends. It is thought they share a hive mind with other harpies in a localized area.

Reproduction: There are no male harpies-- instead, they're all female-dominant hermaphrodites who lay once a year, with a moderate chance of impregnation. Sometimes, when one harpy proves herself better than the rest, that harpy will spray the ground, and others will fight to sit in it in hopes of impregnating themselves. Several die in these sudden melees, but it's not uncommon for six or more to become pregnant, and eventually lay eggs, which hatch in about four months.

If a harpy loses a chick, it is not uncommon for her to steal a small goblin, lutin, orc, or human infant.

Appearance: Harpies are very large birds, typically brown plumage, with very agile talons. Their heads and chests are human, but their eyes look like those of birds, and their "hair" is entirely feathers that spread down to her back. They have pale stomachs, and bands along their feathers. Their mouths are filled with sharp teeth.

Magic Use: Harpies can use their wings and some inherent magic to empower the wind gusts in order to create small twisters to disorient and suffocate armed or armored foes.

Elemental Differences: While typical harpies are usually in the brown range, the poison-aligned harpies tend to be purple. If the harpy is slightly purple in color, this can sometimes apply contact poison to the victim, commonly thought to originate as a sort of dandruff.

Additional: Harpies may sometimes kidnap adult orcs, goblins, humans, or lutins to expand the nests. These kidnapped slaves are often unfed and unwatered, and abused by fisted talons when they stop working at any time that isn't night. Those that survive until the task is finished are unceremoniously plopped by a nearby oasis.

Slaves of the harpies who wish to survive quickly learn to get food and water, or to escape, after their captors have gone to sleep.

When a human and a harpy breed, the child is typically kept by the harpies, unless the male in question steals it during the night, when the harpies sleep very deeply.