Humans are the only race in Saldecla.  They are in complete control over the country, and view all others as various types of monsters .  They are highly varied in personality and ability, and they occupy every survivable environment in the country.


Among humans, there are three bloodlines that affect a person's appearance and magical ability: dark, light, and pure.  Dark types gain their powers through ancestors who have created children with certain dark monsters.  Light do similarly, but from light monsters.  Finally, pure -bloods have no monster blood in their ancestry, or random chance deemed that those with dark or light blood should have a pure-blooded child.


The ruling class of Saldecla is the nobility.  They manage taxes, land, and the armies.  When rank is unknown, the people commonly greet others as sir, madam, or mademoiselle.  If the person is known to be a member of the nobility, lord or lady will suffice.


The king and queen rule over the land with nearly absolute power.  They can only be overturned if all of the dukes oppose them, save in times of crisis, when the royal couple needs absolute obedience.


The kingdom of Saldecla is separated into eight duchies.  Each is ruled by a duke who serves the king and pays taxes directly to the crown.  In addition to a portion of the land, the dukes also hold sway over the armies and education systems.

Princes and princesses hold the technical title of "Duke".


Earls serve and pay taxes to the dukes.  They each rule a portion of a duchy.  There are typically two or three earldoms in each duchy.  They manage the finances of the baronies that serve underneath them.

The heirs of dukes are also considered earls.


In service to the earls, barons are the lowest rung of nobility.  They manage the land directly by handling cities and farmland.  They are the most numerous of the noble classes.

Heirs to earls hold the title "baron".


Just below the nobility, this is the rank of knights without noble families.  They hold no lands.

An heir to a baron is called "Ser".