Among humans, there are three bloodlines that affect a person's appearance and magical ability.  Light-blooded humans are descended from certain compatible light creatures.

People who are light-blooded suffer more than a pureblooded human from dark attacks.


Individuals with light blood are descended from a specific set of monsters that are viable with humans and use light magic.  There are very few viable monsters, but light blood is fairly common because many people enjoy marrying those with light blood, because it supposedly brings good luck. 


People with the blood of an angel in their ancestry often have yellow, white, or silver hair, with pale blue, purple, or silver eyes. They also have pale skin that doesn't get sunburnt.


Fairy -blooded humans have wildly-colored hair that is always a vivid shade found in nature.  Their eyes match the color of their hair, and they have large pupils and thin irises.  Their ears can be up to twelve fingerwidths long.


Humans with unicorn blood are always extremely pale, with white hair and brown or black eyes.


Light magic, like all other magics cast by humans, requires intensive study and use of a magic book dedicated to the spell in question.  Below are listed the spells a human with light magic can cast, a short description, and a few low-level variants found in a level two spell book.


Restores vitality and cures simple ailments. Higher cast levels increase the healing abilities of this spell. Usable on self and allies.

Variants include: poison cure, lesser heal, greater heal, specific heal.  Rumors have it that a level six book might have a spell to revive those who die too soon.


A simple protection spell that helps avoid physical damage. High cast levels increase the amount of physical damage that is prevented. Regardless of its level, the spell lasts two minutes. Usable on self and allies.

Variants include: spell visibility, position change, movement, spell power, and more.


Increases magic resistance for two minutes. Higher cast levels increase the strength of the resistances. Usable on self and allies.

Variants are similar to the Protect spell.


A spell that increases strengths and abilities for self and allies. It lasts two minutes.

Variants include: spell strength, increased amount of targets, area of effect, and more.

Shining Aura

A shield of light appears around the caster that repels enemies and harms any that come close. The caster cannot run while this spell is used. Ranged attacks will still hit and cause damage, but anything at melee range is distracted by the pain and cannot attack as effectively. The spell lasts ten seconds, and requires concentration while it is in use.

Variants include: spell power, change in target, spell length, and a few aesthetic changes.  This can be used as a spell to cast light if the spell is in a level two or higher book.