Map (fancy) v4

A map of Saldecla.


It has been three-hundred years since the Hero of Light walked the land that is home to humans and monsters.  His tale is spread across all eight duchies, from Vraitrasse, Axevrai, and Feytout on Isle Saldecla, to Icesog, Highpoint, Hauteflamme, Aridefort, and Assezfourni on the mainland, and even to the ungoverned Glacelieu Cave Region, and children are often raised on tales of his bravery in defeating the local monsters and the threat only called the Great Evil.

With its only routes of import and export closed, however, Saldecla is cut off from external food and lumber sources from its agriculturally rich neighbor, the People's Republic, and though the closed borders haven't yet had a large effect, people are worried.


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