I fully expect that most, if not all, of my partners will need to make new characters. To help make that easier, I'm going to make a quick guide, starting with design and history.

There are three 'breeds' of humans in Saldecla, and the biggest difference between them is the type of magic they can cast. First, pure humans. They have natural hair colors and eye colors, and cast elemental magic, as described in the wiki. Next is light-blooded, who sometimes have paler or unnatural hair and eye colors, and sometimes pointed ears depending on what type of monster blood runs in their family. Finally, dark-blooded has dark or unnatural hair and eyes (though silver isn't unheard of), and sometimes have pointed ears as well, depending on the monster type. Dark and light blood cast dark and light spells, respectively. There is a spell list in the linked reference material.

Using this information, you determine not IF, but WHAT a person is capable of casting. Everyone has the ability-- but not everyone has the time or money to pursue that ability.

What everyone does have is at least some sort of basic weapon, even if it's just a pointed stick. Everyone knows how to defend his or her self. Monsters are common, even in civilized duchies.

On the topic of duchies, the duchy where one is born will help determine their name. French-style names are common in the main island, the farming region and desert region on the mainland are somewhat Italian, the mountain regions are Spanish, and the frozen marshes of Icesog are Germanic/Scandinavian in naming schemes. Remember, it's the parents who name their child. There will not be any Japanese names in Saldecla.