Element Nil.
Lifespan Roughly fifty years.
Diet Carnivore.
Strength 4/5
Agility 2/5
Intellect 1/5
Magic 0/5

Habitat: Alongside goblins.

Social Structure: Orcs are enslaved by goblins, and live in two separate camps-- one for males, and one for females and young. If the two groups lived together, no young would survive to adulthood.

Reproduction: Orcs reproduce sexually, with mothers raising the young away from the males. A mother ceases rearing as soon as the young appears to be an adult, and chases him over to the males. A single female typically gives birth to three to five children over the course of her lifetime.

Appearance: Large humanoids with dull, yellow-green skin. They have rough, bulbous features and brown eyes.

Magic Use: Nil.

Additional: They are particularly good at following orders that involve "smash" "lift" "drop" and "kill". They're horrible at delicate, dextrous tasks, and often just sleep in a pile wherever the goblins are camped. The care of the orcs by the goblins is considered by the goblins to be a charity effort, more than a way for goblins to achieve feats of strength.