Otters in Saldecla primarily live in the Northern regions, and always by large water sources.  Their preferred foods are fish and shellfish, but they will eat other small animals and sometimes vegetation when their favored food is scarce.

Icesog Otter

The smaller of the three breeds, they are also the most common.  Trappers often hunt them for their warm coats and their meat.  They naturally fear humans.


Thought to be Icesog Otters by the natives, the Tomtar are not truly otters at all, although they share the appearance.  Tomtar are technically intelligent monsters.  They are brown, with soft fur like the Icesog Otter, but the Tomtar have speckled backs and black tail tips.  They are also larger than the Icesog Otter, and their fur is more waterproof.

Tomtar have a culture of their own, and will band together to protect others.  In the past, they have ganged up on hunters, and have killed humans in the past to protect each other.

Most commonly, a Tomtar can be found in the company of a human as a companion.  They often live among humans by choice in an attempt to survive winters more easily.  Their sense of pride allows this, but will not allow them to wear dresses longer than a few moments, or to be anything save equals among each other.

If the whim strikes them, they will rearrange the floating trees in Icesog to either trap or lead a boater wherever they wish.  For this reason, the people of Icesog call them Swamp Spirits.  Although they aren't aware of the link between 'big otters' and moving trees, they realize that wearing a speckled otter pelt leads to misfortune.

Vraitrasse Otter

The largest otter breed in Saldecla.  They live along the rocky beaches of Vraitrasse and northern Axevrai, where sediment and debris from the cliffs have formed shores.  They live in packs, and they are very aggressive.  Their furs, like the Icesog Otters', are highly sought-after.