Rituals are only usable by full-blooded beings: vampires, witches, demons, angel, fairies, and other humanoid monsters that are capable of magic. They have very strong effects, but drain the caster(s) of time, resources, and energy. They require decades of study to perfect, and take hours to perform.

There are only two ritual spells usable by humans, and they take years of study at the Highpoint academy.


As for plumbing... it exists, and only rich people can afford it, because it relies on magical forging, use of an Identifier's skills, redoing work OFTEN, and then figuring out how to make all the magically forged water-resistant pipes work how they're wanted to. 8D

Magic forging involves paying a blacksmith to include some gathered materials into the final piece. This gives a random enchantment, and is the only manner in which a human can get magical armor, weapons, et cetera. Once finished, it must be taken to a person called an Identifier. This person uses ritual magic to figure out just what the new magical shiny DOES.

Sometimes things come out useless, other times they're vital. Sometimes, they're cursed. If it goes wrong, the buyer has to go out and get new materials, then pay again and again until it comes out right.