Skeleton (Undead)
Element Nil, poison, or dark.
Lifespan Unknown.
Diet Nil.
Strength 4/5
Agility 4/5
Intellect 1/5
Magic 2/5

Habitat: Alongside undead.

Social Structure: They lack a social structure, but do answer to witches and demons when one is in the area.

Reproduction: Skeletons do not reproduce. They are formed when a body is picked clean by carrion before the ambient magic animates them.

Appearance: Skeletons look like a set of bones, held together by scraps of flesh, and sometimes wearing plate or chain armor.

Magic Use: Skeletons are capable of flinging bolts in their native element, but nothing more.

Additional: Skeletons form in the same manner as a regular undead, but retain some vestiges of intelligence. They lack an undead's hunger for meat and flesh, and instead hunger for orders from someone above them. Many Saldeclans believe skeletons to be formed from honorable soldiers.