Element Nil, fire, water, ice, energy, or dark.
Lifespan Unknown.
Diet Omnivore.
Strength 1/5
Agility 1/5
Intellect 0/5
Magic 2/5

Habitat: Slimes live in all parts of Saldecla. Their differing elements help them survive even conditions as harsh as Koldazhek Cave or Hotazhek Volcano.

Social Structure: Slimes lack the mental capacity to have a social structure, but they do seem to have a basic olfactory and pheromone setup that allows others to know when one has found an abundance of food.

Reproduction: Unknown, possibly budding.

Appearance: Slimes are round creatures with no faces or extremities. They are comprised of a slimy inner liquid surrounded by a thicker liquid that resembles firm meat jelly. There is a single opening at the bottom of a slime that leaves the slime trail and spreads the inner liquid about to digest everything it touches.

Magic Use: Slimes are able to fire rough bolts of magic in alignment with their natural element. These bolts have a short range and do very little damage.

Additional: Young (small) slimes are commonly used in kitchens throughout Saldecla. They're efficient cleaners, ice slimes can preserve or chill food, and fire slimes can heat food when suffocated, to prevent the need to heat the entire house with a fire in the stove. The fire slimes are mostly available on the mainland, since they must be hunted in Hotazhek Volcano and Driazhek Desert. When accidentally allowed to escape, they must often be killed, because eating causes them to reach maturity and become aggressive.

Elemental Differences: Elemental differences.