Element Nil, energy, ice, or poison.
Lifespan 12 years.
Diet Carnivore.
Strength 2/5
Agility 4/5
Intellect 2/5
Magic 1/5

Habitat: Spiders tend to live near witches , though aren't uncommon in cave systems or the desert.  Only energy-element spiders are capable of living in the desert, however.

Social Structure: Spiders are solitary monsters, and lack a social structure.

Reproduction: Reproduction happens sexually with spiders.  Often, the male is eaten, and when he isn't, the female dies after laying her fist-sized eggs in the darkest corner she can find.

Appearance: Very large spiders with spindly legs and pronounced mouth-parts.  They have very fat abdomens, sometimes covered in stripes, dots, or other markings.  Their elements affect their coloration-- nil is black, dark violet is poison, and tan is energy.  Energy spiders are much more thin than their mild-weather cousins.

Magic Use: Spiders can shoot a string of their element at threats and prey, slowing the prey and inflicting elemental damage.

Additional: Spiders are often one of the main foods for witches, but also one of the most basic servants for them.