Element Nil, fire, poison, or ice.
Lifespan Unknown.
Diet Carnivore/Cannibal.
Strength 2/5
Agility 2/5
Intellect 0/5
Magic 1/5

Habitat: Undead live in areas with high magic concentration and many corpses.

Social Structure: Undead lack a traditional social structure, but their groans and rattles do call in more. A noisy undead is one that is hunting successfully for prey.

Reproduction: Typically, undead will leave their kills on the ground, and if their kills are in a magic-heavy area, the kill will become undead as well.

Appearance: Rotting humans.

Magic Use: Some undead can fling rough balls of elemental energy at ranged enemies. This is not a common ability, and the magic is rarely strong enough to kill on its own.

Additional: Despite their rotten state, undead still retain some (exaggerated) bodily urges and (diminished) bodily functions. Undead still experience hunger and lust, but when they partake, it is rarely enough to satisfy them.

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