Element Nil.
Lifespan Roughly 500 years.
Diet Omnivore, detests nonmeats.
Strength 2/5
Agility 3/5
Intellect 4/5
Magic 4/5

Habitat: Witches prefer to live in solitude, typically in abandoned homes, castles, or quiet caves.

Social Structure: Social structure.

Reproduction: Witches do not reproduce, but sometimes kidnap human females and perform Witching ritual magic on them to turn them into witches.

Appearance: Witches are very human-like in appearance, with a large amount of firm body fat. They have long noses and tend to have very large warts. Their skin tone ranges from pale peach to dark grey-greens, and their hair is typically white. They do not have elongated ears, but fatty ones instead. Their teeth are yellowed, and appear to have been filed to points in the front of the mouth. Witches are female-only.

Magic Use: Witches primarily perform ritual magic to augment their bodies, typically attempting to become beautiful and young, but sometimes seeking power. They are capable of creating life with their ritual magic.

Additional: Witches lack empathy, and are obsessed with looking beautiful, even at the cost of lives. Their innate energies draw in giant vermin, who are inclined to protect the witches. They compete with vampires for living space.

Currently, there is only one known living witch in Saldecla. She lives in an old gravekeeper's house in the Giant Graveyard in Kotazhek , but because she has had severe head trauma at the hands of the Hero of Light during the battle to free Princess Camille Kinguard I, she is unable to remember who or what she is.